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Prescription Requests

Non-urgent advice: Order a prescription

You can order your repeat prescriptions online by using the form above, the NHS App or SystmOnline.

If you are not signed up for the above services you can create an NHS App account without contacting the practice by clicking here.  

Alternatively you can complete a written request by coming to the practice and speaking to the reception team. 

Non-urgent advice: Medication Queries

If you have a query regarding a current medication, please contact the practice on 01642 745800.

Please note that we are unable to prescribe requests from other services (e.g. hospital discharge) without the appropriate documentation. 

Non-urgent advice: Prescribing over-the-counter medicines in nurseries and schools

GPs are often asked to prescribe over-the-counter medication to satisfy nurseries and schools. This is a misuse of GP time, and is not necessary.

‚ÄčNon-prescription or over-the-counter medication does not need a GP signature or authorisation in order for a school, nursery or childminder to give it.

Click this link for more information: Prescribing over-the-counter medicines in nurseries and schools (